The balsa backend question is a really good one. :) I think the most ideal way
to run things is to concentrate on having balsa use a local mailbox file, such
as reading from /var/spool/mail/whatever, and that will be enough of a basis
for any frontend work, including filtering. Then I believe we should use
fetchmail or such to download remote messages. I know there are some reasons
why this may not be ideal, but I believe it may be the best answer. Perhaps
even make balsa write a .fetchmailrc and basically make balsa into a GNOME
fetchmail configurator. The same goes for procmail I think, for our filtering
needs. Balsa should be a mail reader, we already have programs to do other
things. Hence why the address book I programmed was simple, I believe that
Balsa is a mail reader and writer, not it's own address book. There's no reason
for it to be.

Please excuse the above paragraph. Because it's not a paragraph, it's just a
bunch of mostly unrelated sentences. But anyways..

Don't you agree that the reuse of existing programs is the best way?

Mathieu Fenniak

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