Re: GNOME Update

Alright, I'll commit to actually doing some work :-P. I like writing stuff
(words, not code) and I need to familiarize myself with Balsa anyway, so
I'll start working on a spec of just how it works right now (glossary, control
flow, etc.) I have finals to study for right now but I'll try to get right on
it. If you think I'm getting lazy please pester me... I want this to **happen**.

Once that is done, we can take a look at how the design could be improved, pull
out our compilers, and write the damn thing. I'll try to post whatever I produce
incrementally (I'll start with libmutt, then libbalsa, then the app).

Till then,

PS. From what I see Camel is an all-in-one type library.. I'm getting the feeling
that we should try to help with that project. It's a little more abstract than
what I'm used to working with but it seems like (in the words of John Carmack) a
Good Thing.

On Mon, 14 Jun 1999 21:50:14 David Fallon wrote:
> > 1. I sent in a little thingie advertising work on Balsa, maybe we can
> > get some more people to help polish Balsa. Havoc was wondering about
> > whether we knew about gnome-mailer; we need to communicate with Camel's
> > author some more and figure out how we're going to cooperate with that.
> > Should we work on Camel?
> I'm still not sure as to the state of those libraries... the theory is
> "camel" is the backend libraries to handle all the transport mechanisms
> (POP3, IMAP, etc.) I'll be darned if I can figure out how far away from
> usable they are... This is probably the biggest issue for moving forward
> with Balsa, imho. It would obviously be great to have all the back-end stuff
> fairly taken care of for us. But, if it's going to take them nine more
> months....
> > 2. "Ron Bessems and Frederic Peters checked in 'gaby,' which will most
> > likely be replacing GnomeCard." We should keep track of "gaby" then,
> > if we do want integration with GnomeCard. I'll check out the source
> > and see what kind of CORBA hooks it has.
> This is fairly important in my mind... sort of continues with the mindset of
> having small tools that are good at what they do work together, rather than
> uber-apps. Having the address book app be *really* good at managing address
> books, and having balsa be *really* good at managing messages, then linking
> the two together, is awesome. :)
> Ack. I still need to get my butt in gear and start looking at balsa's
> source. IMHO, someone who's a bit closer to the project (right now I'm just
> a vocal fan), needs to sit down and document out A. Where Balsa's at now and
> B. Where we'd like basla to be... For projects that aren't being entirely
> done by one or two people, a design document is *critical*... and unless I'm
> missing something, this is key to getting people like me contributing
> productivly to balsa (and there have been *several* other people on the list
> who have also suggested a serious interest in coding.).
> Please, please, can someone do that? :)
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