Re: GNOME Update

> 1. I sent in a little thingie advertising work on Balsa, maybe we can
> get some more people to help polish Balsa. Havoc was wondering about
> whether we knew about gnome-mailer; we need to communicate with Camel's
> author some more and figure out how we're going to cooperate with that.
> Should we work on Camel?

I'm still not sure as to the state of those libraries... the theory is
"camel" is the backend libraries to handle all the transport mechanisms
(POP3, IMAP, etc.) I'll be darned if I can figure out how far away from
usable they are... This is probably the biggest issue for moving forward
with Balsa, imho. It would obviously be great to have all the back-end stuff
fairly taken care of for us. But, if it's going to take them nine more

> 2. "Ron Bessems and Frederic Peters checked in 'gaby,' which will most
> likely be replacing GnomeCard." We should keep track of "gaby" then,
> if we do want integration with GnomeCard. I'll check out the source
> and see what kind of CORBA hooks it has.

This is fairly important in my mind... sort of continues with the mindset of
having small tools that are good at what they do work together, rather than
uber-apps. Having the address book app be *really* good at managing address
books, and having balsa be *really* good at managing messages, then linking
the two together, is awesome. :)

Ack. I still need to get my butt in gear and start looking at balsa's
source. IMHO, someone who's a bit closer to the project (right now I'm just
a vocal fan), needs to sit down and document out A. Where Balsa's at now and
B. Where we'd like basla to be... For projects that aren't being entirely
done by one or two people, a design document is *critical*... and unless I'm
missing something, this is key to getting people like me contributing
productivly to balsa (and there have been *several* other people on the list
who have also suggested a serious interest in coding.).

Please, please, can someone do that? :)

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