Balsa 0.4.9

Good news!  I got it to compile!  Bad news!  It wont work!  :) 

I start it up, doesnt matter either through menu or typing balsa from an
Eterm, it starts up okay, and runs fine and starts through the "first time
configure" thing.  The first two pages look all right, but whenever it
gets to an option that requires a path, i get TONS of garbage characters,
just random high ascii junk.  I also noticed that whenever I go through
and configure everything, deleting the garbage characters and typing in
the correct paths I want, it doesnt save it, everytime I start up balsa
it goes through the "first time configuration" thing. I have no idea
whats wrong and was wondering if anybody else ran into this?  Running gtk
and glib 1.1.13, glibc 2.0.6, and all the gnome stuff straight off cvs
today.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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