balsa 0.4.9 Sucess!

Well, after tearing my system from limb-to-limb, and back again, I finally have a functioning balsa 0.4.9!!! (whew!).
Looks pretty good guys! It could use a few touch-ups here and there, but all-in-all, it's pretty nice. After I've had a chance to really explore it, I'll send along a more detailed report & wish list. I just wanted to let the others out there that are trying to build it know that it _can_ be done!!! I'm using it to send this E-Mail!

How did I do it?
Go to (or one of it's mirrors. I've been using cybertrails, but any will do), and go to the RPMS directory, and download _EVERYTHING_. Then (you'll like this part), un-install everything related that you already have installed. Don't update anything. Then re-install everything from scratch.

It worked here!  Lots of work, but balsa is running!!!

	Have faith!  It does work!


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