IMAP and POP modes

hi all,

>If (like me) you store your mail on a remote server (which is the Right
>Way (tm) if you need the ability to read mail from various different
>places), then IMAP support is a must.

Well IMAP is the ideal.. but when we're talking about a 0.5.0 stable release it
might be satisfactory to have it fairly bug free with stable pop support.

>> -Why aren't mailbox transfers and mail deletions immediate in their
>> effect? SHould they be? I have to click on "Mailboxes -> Commit Current"
>> to make these have an effect. Would be better for this to be instant.
>> I'm sure we'll have an "undo" button eventually. 
>presumably this is thinking ahead to the IMAP case?
>I would suggest it be optional, especially for people who have their mail

ahh of course. I didn't think of this... I use netscape for IMAP and I don't
think it has such a thing.. changes just happen...

I would suggest the 'commit changes' command should be an icon on the
toolbar that works when you are in IMAP mode (ie: using IMAP somewhere).

When you just have POP or local mail, the button should be faded out or

It is very frustrating to have to commit changes just to move files around
local mailboxes.

>> -Are mailboxes simply based on text files with the email concatenated
>> inside them? This is a great idea. Very open. Plus it is compatible with
>> other email programs like elm. Maybe down the track it would be a good
>> idea to allow Balsa to read gziped mailboxes, for those of us who have
>> more spare CPU than we do HD space. 
><grin> yes, but it's not a new idea - that's called mailbox or mbox
>format, and is used by almost all unix emailers..

doh ok. :)

I used elm alot as an undergrad and didn't know you could do this. oh well.

Wayne Schuller - BSc. (Computer Science) Network Administrator
Centre for Health Program Evaluation - Austin Repat Hospital - Heidelberg.
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