RE: Multi-threaded sending in CVS / SMTP bug(?)

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Peter Williams wrote:

Haha - well, thanks.  I know that some people have been waiting for this
-- I just hope it goes relatively smoothly.  I haven't had much chance to
test it, and I'm sure other people will have problems I didn't -- still,
we should be able to get any bugs fixed quickly (for a release).

> > Donīt worry I donīt mind at all. About the GList issue I used because it is use
> > in the Message struct, if we can change the GList type to another without
> > having to change the Message type it wonnīt be no problem. Actually GList is
> > only
> > gpointer *data;
> > GList *next;
> > GList *previous;
> > 
> > Iīm sure it can be change to
> > void *data;
> > Whatever *next;
> > Whatever *previous;
> > 
> > The only problem may be when going through the Mailbox or Message struct.
> > 
> Well, we don't want to abandon the GList... for instance, moving Mailbox.message_list
> to some other linklist struct would be a pain. But we can easily write our own linked-list
> functions... the format of the structure's not about to change :-)

I have a mail off to Hector about this, because he's been working on that
code, but I think there's only one Glist that would need to be
changed/worked around, and I'm not even sure that it refers to balsa's
Message / Mailbox structs.  I tried to separate isolate the critical I/O
as narrowly as possible and stick only that in the thread, but I've been
stuck in Windows all day and I haven't had a chance to go back and look at
the code (programming for work).  I threw together a basic C linked list
struct for the Message queue for the sending part of the code, and
something like that should work.  But, I think you're right -- if
necessary we could just re-write any functions/macros needed from glib
since the data types are harmless.

> Boy, is this fun... this is a whole lot better than two months ago. You guys rock.
> Once I do this setter-upper I'll try to work on real stuff (tackle the bugs I 
> think)... 
> ==============================
> Peter Williams

I can't believe quickly the whole "look and feel" of balsa has improved
(and how much it has)! Everyone's done a great job moving it to this
release -- I just hope it gets the attention it deserves from the gnome
community at large.  (I think people will be pleasantly surprised if they
try it.)

If Hector and I can collaborate on some error handling for send stuff
(which will most likely have to be handled by pipes) and we get that out
of the way pretty quickly I may move on to squashing some of those
annoying compiler warnings -- several (many?) of which I'm embarrassed to
admit are mine.


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