On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Jules Bean wrote:

> IMAP works for me.
> AFAIK, you can't make it do a 'mailbox scan' to list all remote mailboxes
> within a certain path.  When you can, I'll be using balsa much more...

I wasn't able to to get "mailbox scanning" working either, for IMAP.
(I've only tried Balsa though.)  My personal Balsa wishlist:

    1.  Mailbox scan for IMAP.
    2.  Ability to spawn an external editor for composing mail.
    3.  Ability to drag mail(s) from one mailbox to another.

Also, I think a client-based (i.e. Balsa) "MS Exchange patch" would be
great.  From what I understand, the MS Exchange server doesn't report
correct message lengths.  The symptoms of this are:

    a)  When reading mail on an Exchange server with Pine (or Balsa),
        the message displays are often truncated prematurely.
    b)  Netscape Mail doesn't always even recognize the correct number
        of messages in an Exchange mailbox.

If Balsa could recognize that the Exchange server is broken and work
around it, that would be wonderful for those of us who have to use the
MS Exchange server at work, but can't stand the MS Exchange mail

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