On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, J . Daniel Powell wrote:

> Hi!
>     I tried compiling balsa from CVS source today, and I found that the
> IMAP support has apparently been dropped!  Is this indeed the case, or
> did I just not look in the right place?  What do I have to do to enable
> it, or is this no longer even possible?  Also, how possible would it
> be to spawn an external text editor in the compose window.  Still use
> balsa's text fields for the To; and From:, etc, but allow users to call
> vi or emacs -nw to write the actual message?  Thanks!

IMAP works for me.

But you can't use the configuration wizard.

Configure for local mail, go into your mailboxes window, right-click,
select add new, choose IMAP.

AFAIK, you can't make it do a 'mailbox scan' to list all remote mailboxes
within a certain path.  When you can, I'll be using balsa much more...


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