Re: mime lib for balsa

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> This _may_ be free for non-commercial use, it's an open source

This is a contradiction.  Free only for non-commercial use is
not even close to Open Source.  Getting to the license at hand
(, it has many terms 
that keep it from being Open Source:

1.3  Non-Commercial License is a license which grants to Licensee the 
right to use the Library under the terms of this agreement for non-
commercial purposes only.

[3.1] (b)  Licensee may not use the Software to develop any application 
program for which one or more programmers receives remuneration.  (May 
not be used in any professionally developed product.)

[3.1] (c)  Licensee may not use the Software to develop a program, whether 
free or not, that is used in a commercially offered service.

> it's an open source C++ class lib that does MIME and protocols.  It's
> been around a while, and adhere closely to the RFCs.

Unfortunately, it looks like the license is another Qt Free Edition type
license fiasco waiting to happen.  This is one of the reasons GNOME is 
trying to stick as much as humanly possible to being completely GPL/LGPL
licensed.  This code is under a license which is certainly not GPL


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