Re: Translations

Michael Glauche wrote:
>   I just did try to make some german Translations of Balsa.
> (those existing ones don't work to well.)

Great, thanks!

> But I got some problems with it :
> - Balsa does not recordnize the de file. $LANG is set to "de"
>   (the gnome-help-browser works)

Do you mean here that your LANG is set to de, or Balsa hardcodes LANG

'de' may need to go into ALL_LINGUAS in

> - Should I modify the existing one or begin a new one ? (cp balsa.pot de.po ?)

I'm not a gettext expert.  :(  Maybe ask on gnome-list if pavlov doesn't

> - Where should I send it when I finnish it ?

If you e-mail a patch here, I'll apply it.  Please test it though, I
speak German as well as the average American (meaning: not at all :))


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