Re: Feature or bug ?

gianluca wrote:
> Eventually is possible to fix this (if is a bug) ? As soon as I can
> compile the CVS version, I will try to patch this. 
> A possible way to resolv the problem is to set at compile time if the
> address must be taken from the real data (hostaname, user-name etc) or it
> is possible to use the value of the From field

That sounds like a bug, and patches are of course always welcome.  :)

I made a few small fixes to gnome-libs earlier today and was able
to compile and run balsa successfully under Linux.  Was not able to
under Solaris, due to a segfault problem somewhere in ORBit.

My current problem is that mail messages display an all-white screen
with no data -- even though the Inbox listing displays full headers.

I'll keep plugging away at it, but not much progress can be made with any
of the apps [and current CVS code] until ORBit stuff is in better shape.


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