Feature or bug ?


Since I am not still able to compile the CVS version of balsa (I think I
now have some problem with gnome-libs from CVS) I have a question:
I note that balsa, when send a mail, use the real data instead the one in
the From field. This drive to a failure of the delivering if the
destination server try to chek the sender address (i return a 501 error
code, if I remember). Now the question: is this a feature or a bug ? I
explain, since I have not a fix link to the net, I use a fixed address
(that is not the one that the provider give me time by time) as value for
the From field. With pine I was able to send mail also if the server check
the sender, but with balsa I get an error. The address I use is correct,
but it is not the address of my PC (that it is assigned by the ISP witha
dynamic IP)

Eventually is possible to fix this (if is a bug) ? As soon as I can
compile the CVS version, I will try to patch this. 
A possible way to resolv the problem is to set at compile time if the
address must be taken from the real data (hostaname, user-name etc) or it
is possible to use the value of the From field
Any comment ?



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