Re: Invitation to join the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011

On 29 March 2011 17:00, Chandni Verma <chandniverma2112 gmail com> wrote:
Dear Laiqh,

We tried to reach The Hindu editor through the proper contact address mentioned in The Hindu website but there was no response from your side.
We were directed to you via The Hindu, Bangalore office and would like you to attend the Biggest Free Software Conference in Bangalore this weekend.

Do find the invitation below.


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From: Pockey Lam <pockeylam gnome org>
Date: 28 March 2011 16:00
Subject: Invitation to join the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011
To: letters thehindu co in
Cc: Chandni Verma <chandniverma2112 gmail com>, asia-summit-list <asia-summit-list gnome org>


I am Pockey Lam from GNOME.Asia Committee. We are organizing the Biggest Free Software Conference in Bangalore this weekend. We would like to invite you or your editors to join our GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 on the 2nd and 3rd April 2011 in Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Bangalore, India.

To give you a short introduction of GNOME ( and GNOME.Asia (, the GNOME Free Software Project includes The GNOME Desktop Environment and the GNOME Development Platform. The GNOME project intents to provide high quality FREE (as freedom) desktop to everybody and an extensive framework for developers to build applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.

The GNOME.Asia committee aims to promote the GNOME project in different Asian countries so that more people can benefit from the project. We have been organizing annual events in Beijing, Ho-Chi-Minh City and Taipei. We also encouraged and fostered the establishment of local GNOME communities as well.

In this forth chapter of our summit, we will aim for the greatest GNOME.Asia Summit of all time. We will have representatives from the GNOME Foundation, Marketing, Release and  Development Teams joining our conference. We can arrange you to interview any of our speakers or exhibitors.

With already a thousand people registered to join the conference, GNOME.Asia Summit will have the pleasure to continue to bring GNOME to users and developers in Asia and more specifically India this year, but also to celebrate the release of GNOME 3.0 with the people who actually write the software! Not to mention that GNOME 3.0 will be the biggest release of the past 9 years!

The event will bring the light on the GNOME desktop both from a applications and a development platform point of view, as well as strengthen the GNOME community across borders.

Visitors should expect great insights into how GNOME 3.0 will transform their desktop experience, the changes and improvements under the hood and how to make the best out of this new desktop environment both from a developer and user perspective.

Please let us know if you can join our conference and we will register you as our press participant.
Thanks in advance for your support and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Pockey Lam
GNOME.Asia Committee

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