Re: Info for GNOME.Aisa Summit

Hi Mario and the organizers,

Thanks Mario for reminder me on sending a short abstract, short bio and
a photo to confirm the sponsorship.

Andrew Lee (李健秋) is a Debian developer, he maintains several packages
in Debian included whole LXDE and others. And has been administrator of for several years as an interface between tw people
and Debian.

Andrew Lee(李健秋) participates and arranges a lot of free software
community gatherings and events in Taiwan since 1999 such as Taiwan
Linux Users Group gatherings, Debian Birthday Parties,
mini-DebConf/DebCamp, Open Technology summit and the International
Conference on Open Source 2009.

He used to be one of the active developer in CLE(Chinese Linux
Extension) project and also the founder of Mandrake-CLE. And now, He is
a Debian developer, involoved in debian-eeepc, debian-edu and embebian.
He maintains several packages in Debian and also maintains the official
debian/ubuntu mirrors in Taiwan. He currently a board of directors of
SLAT(Software Liberty Asscociation of Taiwan) as fits as his work on
advocating the concept of free software and promoting the usage and
development of Free and Open Source software.

He likes art and cultures as well. He co-work with Arne Götje on
localisation efforts of various kinds of Taiwan local languages and also
enjoy the balancing of his work with learning about indigenous culture
particularly drumming as a proud member of UnityDrum, organizing various
cultural events to promote Indigenous culture.

See the attachment.


Mario Behling wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> good to talk to you yesterday.
> Please send me a short abstract, short bio and a photo, so I can
> confirm that we pay your ticket and hotel in Vietnam.
> Thanks,
> Mario

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