Re: nearly ready ...

Thomas Wood wrote:

If you have a user level of more than 1 (i.e. 2) then at the top of the submitted lists, you will get a list of all the items marked "approved". You should then be able to select one and add it after checking the details.

OK, thanks. That makes sense.

The 'added' status in the submitted lists just marks items as such, but doesn't actually make them available on the site. This is useful if the submitted item was an update to an existing item, and therefore you don't actually want to add it to the site again. What we really need is a proper "update" function for users though.

We're going to be looking into file upload functions soon, since the trial using the splash screen contest seems to be going well.

Ah! I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out how stuff got uploaded :) So you have to upload manually for now; OK fair enough :)

It would be interesting if we could start changing any of the function names that are prefixed with ago_ into something more generic. This should be a relatively easy search and replace task, so if anyone feels like having a go, make sure you e-mail me the patch!

I think art_ would be a good prefix. I can do this; perhaps I can make the header and footer pluggable as well while I'm at it.

- Henrik

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