[anjuta-list] anjuta 3.2.2 won't use libstrl

Hello List,

I'm using Gentoo Linux and have just installed libstrl-0.5.1 and using Anjuta 3.2.2.  I have used Project>Add Library>New Library and selected 'libstrl ' from the package list.  It shows up as module in my "Project" pane.  However I keep getting /home/dbishop/pathloss-cpp/src/loadfiles.cxx:92: undefined reference to `strlcpy(char*, char const*, unsigned long)' messages.  I had this trouble when I tried to use libbz2 but I was able to get around it by adding -lbz2 to the linker flags (in the Project>Properties dialog).  I added -lstrl but that didn't help either.  That dialog does show $(LIBSTRL_LIBS) in the Libraries: field.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong, or what I should check for?

Don B.

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