[Anjuta-list] Debug with C++ code?


I am trying to debug a C++ project. There are two things that have been
bothering me. One is that it does not stop at break-points that I have
assigned. I guess that this might be related to compile options. I've
tried to remove -O2 options because this might cause wrong line stopping
problem in my debugging procedure. I had emailed before about this
because I could not figure out how to remove -O2 option. So, this is the
same question before.

Another question is that when I step-over (F6 key) a line in C++ code,
it does not step-over but stop some where in C++ library code. C++
debugging seems harder than that of C language.

I will appreciate any help with debugging technique with C++ other than

Thank you,

Sang Chul

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