[Anjuta-list] copy - paste on undocked file

Hi everybody!
I'm new to Anjuta, gnome and most of xwindow apps and setting/configuration.
I'm successfully installed (seem to be) Debian testing/unstable kernel-2.6.11-1-686 - 'xfree86 ~ 4.3.0' - 'gnome 64' and Anjuta 1.2.3
I'm succesfully imported my good old, not GNU styled project, I can search, watch my ctags, compile/make find bugs, debug, watch some values and expressions - one word I'm quite happy:o)
One little, annoying problem, when I'm start editing an undocked file (large enough to work) I can not use copy/cut/paste commands any known way (keyboard shortcuts, mouse clicking)?!
What is it could be;o(
PS: Same situation on more conservative kernel-2.4.27-386.

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