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You might want to try the latest version 1.2.0 which is MUCH more

Best regards,

Paulo Matos

On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 16:28, Isabel wrote:
> Hello to everybody:
> I have asked the following doubt to a Linux forum:
> "I am using 'Anjuta' in orden to program, when I build my project, I 
> obtain lots of times the build message: 'Segmentation fault' and the 
> message show me a part of the code that is right.
> I am using Anjunta 1.0.2 and g++ 3.2.
> But sometimes I try to build it, without changing nothing, and it works 
> succesfully.
> What can the problem be?"
> And somebody has told me:
> "Generally, 'Segmentation Fault' error comes from a code error.
> It means that you try to access a non existant physical memory address.
> Problem may comes from Anjuta ... Did you look the oficial website to 
> check this (possible) bug ?"
> And it is for this, that I write to you in order to be able to solve my 
> problem.
> Thank-you and best regards!
> Isi
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