[Anjuta-list] A basic problem with Anjuta 1.2.0?

(I've had some problems with my e-mail so I'm not sure if this message actually reached the list. If it did and this is the second time you receive it, please excuse me.)

I've just installed Fedora Core 1 on my machine and want to start
programming for Linux at last. I installed anjuta 1.2.0  from a
FreshRPMs package. Installed fine so I started it up and wanted to
create a simple project (generic/terminal - just wanted to write a
"Hello, World!" or something)
using the wizard but after some processing it failed saying:

cannot find input file "Makefile.in" <<

Now each time I try to do the same (create a terminal project with the
wizard), it exits earlier saying:

./autogen.sh: line 122: ./configure: No such file or directory <<

(actually the second message is in Polish)
I believe it's a simple problem, and I must be doing something wrong (or
just not doing something that I should), but what is it? I thought the
wizard should create everything from beginning to end.
Thanks in advance for any help,


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