Re: [Anjuta-list] A couple of question please...

Uni wrote:

Firstly in the official FAQ it mentions the advantages of Adjunta 1 and Adjunta 2. However I cannot find Anjuta 2, as i'm guessing it starts with 2. as opposed 1.??? Also I'm currently using 'Anjuta 1.0.1' and I select 'Gnome 2.0 Project with C'. However Anjuta doesn't generate any files other than the main.c. file. Although with 'Gnome 1.0 with C' it works a treat. Anybody care to help please? Thanks

Because anjuta 1.01 does not create *.glade file as a default action for Glade 2. I do this by myself: Create an empty project (with the same name as Anjuta project) in Glade 2, save it in a different directory (I choose my_project/my_project directory), build it. Then copy *.glade files to anjuta_project directory, interface.*, callbacks.*, support.* and main.c files to anjuta_project/src directory (overwriting existing main.c). Then I add to the project (in Anjuta) these files and do
"Build All". That's all.
To enable envoking Glade 2 by pressing "Alt+G" I've renamed /usr/bin/glade to /usr/bin/glade-1 and made a simlink
/usr/bin/glade to /usr/bin/glade-2.
   Good luck!
       Igor Gorbounov

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