[Anjuta-list] [PATCH] Stabilization and merges

Hi all

I've synched my tree with Naba's tarball - the result is up here:


After Jens's fix, it should be much more stable but we need as many
people as possible to test this before release.

I've also put up a patch against Naba's CVS tarball here:


To apply the patch:

a) Download it to your top level anjuta source directory.
b) Extract it using 'tar zxvf' - it will overwrite some files and create
the new ones required.
c) Apply the patch -p1 < anbrowsers.diff (It should apply cleanly)
d) Look at the file pixmaps/filestoremove.txt - you can remove the
(redundant) pixmap files listed there.
e) Do a clean build (./autogen.sh --prefix=</your/dir> && make && make

About Solaris, I've finished compiling all the dependencies - compiling
Anjuta right now (oops, I just got this:
message-manager-private.cc:307: implicit declaration of function `int
make[2]: *** [message-manager-private.o] Error 1

Johannes ?


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