[Anjuta-list] using glade-2?

I just updated Anjuta on my Debian system to 1.0.1 from the 0.19 that
was there before. Anyway, I also added Glade-2 so it would be in-sync
with my RH8 system.

I had a project I was working on previously which now does not come up
when I hit <alt-g>. I've tried using the glade 0.64 version of the file
(I still have the original installed) as well as the glade-2 version of
the .glade file. In both cases, I get an error saying there is no .glade
file in the top level directory.

So I created a new project in Anjuta, opened glade-2 and created a file
for it. Hitting alt-g in Anjuta tries to open the .glade file in glade
0.64 instead of glade-2. How do I get Anjuta to use glade-2 instead of
the original glade? Do I have to remove glade 0.64 from my system?

Why doesn't anjuta open up the original project's .glade file at all,
even when using the 0.64 version of the file?

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