Re: [Anjuta-list] CVS/Subversion

> There's been some talk about further CVS capabilities added to Anjuta.
> Have you also thought about interfacing with Subversion
> <>, the replacement for CVS?

Yes - this CVS hardcoding has been bothering me a bit as well, since
more and more people seem to be getting interested in alternative
version control systems. However, before hardcoding support for yet
another VCS, we need to carefully design generic support for version
control. One of these days, I'll write some requirements docs for it.
Unfortunately, I'm too busy with other things these days, so if someone
else can do the work, I'd be really grateful. Would you be willing to
give it a go ?

It's pretty simple really: you don't need experience with GNOME/Anjuta
code, just some real life eperience with working with different version
control systems. Just open a text editor, jot down things that a version
control GUI should support and then organize them neatly from an
implementation viewpoint. For guidance, you can have a look at
src/anjuta-tools.c (which contains the requirements for the tools
implementation) and SEARCH-REPLACE which contains an (yet unimplemented)
requirements set for improved Search/Replce functionality.

Once you are satisfied with your work, post it on the devel ML for

Thanks and regards,

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