[Anjuta-list] Using Japanese

Is anyone here using Japanese? I've upgraded to anjuta.1.0.1 RH8 RPM,
and also installed the English docs and the i18n RPMs, but I have two
   1. When I paste in Japanese it appears as european characters. I've
selected a font (Lucida Typewriter) that says it is 2-byte.

   2. I can start the IME but:
     a) The input box is hidden under the tabs at the top of the edit
     b) when I press return no text appears in the file I'm editing.

I have LC_CTYPE=ja_JP, LANG=en_US.UTF-8 and LC_ALL undefined which works fine for Japanese input and reading in mozilla and gedit.

If I set LANG and LC_ALL both to ja_JP I get menus in Japanese (which I don't want!) but the above two problems are unchanged.


P.S. this isn't an upgrade problem - it didn't work in 1.0 either.

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