[Anjuta-list] RFC: Python dependency

Hi all

Just a quick (final) question: Will it be problematic for Anjuta users
if Python becomes a mandatory requirement ? In return, we will be
powerful scriptability and templates system at little development cost.

There are three options:

1) Make Python mandatory (won't compile/run without Python)
2) Make it optional, at the cost of a reduced feature-set (no
programmable templates/scriptable interface).
3) Choose a tiny language like Lua and distribute it with Anjuta.

The second is slightly more work, however, if there are many people who
don't want to install Python, it can be done.

The third option is possible, but then scripting will not be very easy,
plus it will probably be a lot more development work.

Please tell me what you'd like, and/or your objections against mandating
Python, if any. I'm inclined to go for (1) for now, and try for (2)

Thanks and regards,

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