Re: [Anjuta-list] tag and session support

On Thu, 2001-11-08 at 00:45, Andy Piper wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2001.11.07 15:13 Luciano Chavez wrote:
> > I've recently come back to Anjuta after a long time using
> > Visual SlickEdit. It has improved quite a bit.
> Thanks! :-)
> > Slick will show a function call tooltip if
> > you hold it over a function as well. I saw this happen in
> > Anjuta once but it isn't consistent.
> Yeah, this appears to be broken at the moment -

Means in the cvs. I am wondering if you are refering to the last 0.1.7
release. In the cvs, lots of new things have arrived.

> I'm not sure why 
> - I've posted a request for help to the development mailing 
> list. It's a feature we gain from using Scintilla as the editing 
> component of Anjuta.

The calltips are fully operational in my system. Although calltips shown
are only for system calls and other gtk/gnome libraries. For the custom
functions, it doesn't show calltip. Work is going on to accomplish this.

> > Glimmer does have one feature that Slick has which is autosave
> > of a session. That is, it keeps track of the files that were 
> > being
> > edited and the last location in the file so that when Glimmer 
> > is
> > reloaded, you are brought back to where you were.
> This is probably tied in with the use of the GNOME session 
> manager calls and stuff. We don't use that in Anjuta today - I 
> did suggest it a while ago, but at the moment we do our own 
> property and session management. This will almost certainly come 
> in Anjuta2, if no-one writes it for Anjuta1.

Session management is fully working in the cvs. Luca added the feature
to anjuta sometime back. If you have a project open and lots of files
open, and you exit, next time it brings you the same spot, including to
the correct line numbers. It also saves many other parameters such as
search histories etc. Incidently, it only works for projects.

> > Anjuta 0.1.7 shows signs of tag support but it appears tied to
> > creating a project. Adding files seems limited to a file at a 
> > time as
> > opposed to saying pickup headers in /usr/include tree.
> Exactly - everything is tied in to the project manager at 
> present. Biswa was working on a separate tags manager but that 
> has not been integrated yet. The new project management stuff is 
> targeted for Anjuta2.

Multiple file import/open is also possible now in cvs. You just have to
press ctrl, before you select the files in the select dialog and it
enters into multiple select mode. I think there should be a flag on the
file selection dialog box, which tells in which mode it is.

> > The autocomplete doesn't seem to do what I expect.
> > If I type a function name, it only seems to autocomplete
> > (if I explicity select autocomplete) the name not the
> > argument list.
> Again, inherited from Scintilla. You get autocompletion of the 
> word, based on previous use of the word in the same file - but 
> it isn't like Visual Studio's autocomplete. By the way, you can 
> use Ctl+Return to bring up the drop down list, you don't need to 
> use the toolbar or menu item.

I don't know how VC autocomplete works, but the autocomplete in anjuta
is more to do with word completion rather than any other.


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