Re: [anjuta-devel] Version in project properties

Hi John,

Le 20/01/2012 01:11, John Coppens a écrit :
Sorry for the delay. Will do that if necessary, but I noticed the motive
is that the version in is between [ ]. The newer versions
are saved behind the brackets, but the brackets are not erased. Like
AC_INIT([lbl_server], [1.01])
AC_INIT([lbl_server], [1.01]1.02)
AC_INIT([lbl_server], [1.01]1.021.03)
Maybe the brackets confuse the parser?

I have just committed a fix for this bug. It was indeed an issue with the parser. You can try it to be sure that it really fixes your issue.

By the way, I think it's better to fill a bug report for such issue so we remember it. I was just finishing some work on the project manager so you were in the best case, it could take more time.



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