Re: [anjuta-devel] Change project property interface

Hello Sébastien,

sorry for the late response, I've had a busy week.

Do we need to add a set_map_property? (I also like
the symmetry with anjuta_project_node_get_property and
anjuta_project_node_get_map_property. The same goes for
anjuta_project_property_new below.

As I have defined it the anjuta_project_property_new already take a name 
argument so it could be considered as anjuta_project_map_property_new. I 
think it's better to keep it as anjuta_project_property_new as the name 
is simple enough.

Of course. I didn't notice the name argument to
anjuta_project_property_new, so your proposal is fine.

Then, for set and get functions here 3 new proposals.

1. Have only ianjuta_project_set_property (AnjutaProjectNode *parent, 
const gchar *id, const gchar *value) and a map property should use a 
value with the form "name=value".

2. Have only ianjuta_project_set_property (AnjutaProjectNode *parent, 
const gchar *id, const gchar *value, const gchar *name) and non map
property can pass a NULL name.

3. Have bother functions ianjuta_project_set_property (AnjutaProjectNode 
*parent, const gchar *id, const gchar *value) and 
ianjuta_project_set_map_property (AnjutaProjectNode *parent, const gchar 
*id, const gchar *value, const gchar *name)

I will do the same for all related public functions: 
ianjuta_project_set_property, ianjuta_project_remove_property, 

I think anjuta_project_node_get_map_property is important as we would
otherwise have to return a list of properties that needs to be iterated
over to find the property one is looking for, and the function would be
useless. So for get_property, solution 1 is not an option.

Then I prefer solution 3 as it seems cleaner, but solution 2 is also

I think it's better to anjuta_project_property_new as it is (like 
solution 2).
I agree.

* I'd prefer to have the list owned by the node, so I don't really like

Well, it doesn't means that the list is not owned by the node, all node 
could get a reference on it. I think it's done by default with a python 
list. Anyway, I will keep it as it is.

What I mean by "owned by the node" is that each node has its (shallow)
copy of the list that gets freed with the node. I think this would
simplify memory management. Perhaps it is better to leave it as is for
now, so we don't have many moving parts.

Yes, but it's not a class object at least in the autotools backend. I 
mean the difference between two node could be only this list of properties.

Then I misunderstood what you meant by "it is shared by all nodes of the
same type". Anyway, we can leave it as is for now and come back again

Property could use setters. Getters are not strictly
necessary but may be a good idea for symmetry.

It's as you want. Let's say I will try to make all this changes first, 
then if you need setter or getters you can ask them to me or add them 


For now, I think the best would be to start implementing things and see
how it goes. I won't be able to help for now but maybe it will be better
in a week or two.

Thanks and regards,

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