Re: [anjuta-devel] Enhancing the Snippets Manager Plugin

I have one : Anjuta IMHO lacks of a comprehensive support for vala,
especially vala projects management. For exemple, there is no vala
project in projects creations proposal.
What about using vala-gen-project from vala-toys-for-gedit for
creating vala projects ?

2011/1/14 Dena Dragos <dragos dena gmail com>:

   In case not everyone knows me, I am the student who developed the
snippets plugin during GSoC 2010. In a few weeks, there will be an
"Open-Source Development Course" in my Faculty which will last about 8
weeks in which students (mainly from the first year) will be mentored
by more experienced students to contribute to an open-source project.

   I thought it's a good occasion to add some features to the
snippets manager plugin while also helping some students to get in the
open-source world.

   I also talked with Johannes about it, and we agreed it's a good
idea to ask on the list if someone would really want to see some
features implemented or if they have any cool ideas. I already have
some in mind, but would like to hear your opinions also.

   Best regards,
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Dupuy Mathieu
Epitech 2011.

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