Re: [anjuta-devel] New project interface and introspection


Le 23/09/2010 19:08, Abderrahim Kitouni a écrit :
في ج، 17-09-2010 عند 22:30 +0200 ، كتب Sébastien Granjoux:
Why? I dont see any problem with the approach?

The issue is that previously all specific data are in a particular area and I can just swap the pointer in the GNode object.

With GObject, there is no pointer anymore so I cannot swap the data, I need to copy them. And as I don't know exactly what are these data, it could be a problem. A clean to solve this is to require a copy function for all node objects, but it's annoying to write.

Now that you committed it, I'll try to look closer at it. btw, are the
basics implemented now? can I write a simple "test" plugin with the new

The AnjutaProjectNode derive from GObject, and you can check the current API. But I don't think it's the final API, there are several open points:

- Floating reference. I will probably remove them unless you can use them.
- Properties needs to be split in two lists and I will use the current AnjutaPropertyInfo instead of GList alias AnjutaProperty. I think it will be really better in Python and in C :) - Project object. The virtual functions of the IAnjutaProject interface are still implemented by the project object which is used only for this. I have planned to remove this project object and implement these function directly in the node object but I'm still not sure it's better. Another solution could be to move these functions in the IAnjutaProjectBackend interface.

I plan to change the property part first.

Else the makefile backend is not working anymore, I have updated it. But the autotools and directory project should work like before.

It has been a quite big change with almost improvement in term of functionality but I think the use of the proxy node is more clear.

I think you just need to copy the properties defined in the base
AnjutaProjectNode class.

Yes, I think the best solution is to copy all common data and send the real node to the loading function.



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