Re: Mapping dependencies between Gnome modules

 Dave> Hi Daniel,

 Dave> Have a look at jhbuild,n which will give you this dependency
 Dave> information, as well as with "blessed" external dependencies.

 Dave> Cheers,
 Dave> Dave.

Check this paper:

It explains where the data is. available also here:

A GSofC student is improving the software I wrote to do this. It should
be available in few weeks. In the meantime run dpkg. It has an option to
create (what I call) the instance of the dependency graph for a given
installation (withouth what I call abstract dependencies).

 Dave> Daniel Dewey wrote:
 >> Hi guys! This list seems somewhat empty, but I'll give it a try anyway.
 >> I'm doing a bit of research on Gnome and the first thing I need to do is 
 >> to map the dependencies between the modules (as listed on 
 >>, so that I end up with a directed graph 
 >> where there is an edge from A to B if A's correct functioning depends on 
 >> the correct functioning of B.
 >> So far, I have considered a few approaches to getting this information. 
 >> Since many distros include Gnome in their package systems, there is some 
 >> dependency information there, but I have yet to find a distro whose 
 >> packages correspond to Gnome's list of modules. For this reason, I'd 
 >> like to analyze Gnome's code directly by checking out modules one at a 
 >> time and extracting their dependencies... somehow. This is the step I'm 
 >> currently on, and it's sort of complex; dependency information needs to 
 >> be extracted from source files and configuration files, mostly, which is 
 >> difficult.
 >> Anyone have any other ideas? Am I missing some other approach?
 >> Thanks,
 >> ~Daniel
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