Re: [xslt] Issues using parameters with namespaces

On 28/02/2022 22:07, George Joseph wrote:
Actually "//*[name()='dm:device']" works as well so maybe that's what I'll do.

This seems like the best work-around.

    Is there any reason why path parameters with namespaces haven't been
    Would a pull request to add the namespaces in xsltNewTransformContext be

How parameters are passed isn't covered by the standard, so it's up to the implementation to come up with something. It seems natural to allow XPath expressions, but it's not clear how to handle namespaces. Simply taking the namespace defitinions from the root element of the root stylesheet should do what most people expect, but it is somewhat fragile.

1. Passing parameters from the command line

Supporting namespaces in a clean way would probably require a separate channel to register namespaces just for parameter evaluation. Even Saxon doesn't seem to support custom namespaces in parameter expressions:

"The static context for this XPath expression includes only the standard namespaces conventionally bound to the prefixes xs, fn, xsi, and saxon." [1]

2. Passing parameters using the API

The most flexible approach is probably an API to set parameters directly, similar to Saxon's XsltTransformer [2]. This would even allow to pass nodes from external documents as parameters. But if you want to combine that with XPath expressions, you'd have to evaluate them yourself.



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