[xslt] Release of libxslt 1.1.35

Version 1.1.35 of libxslt is available at:


Note that conflict resolution for templates was fixed to match the spec. When there are multiple matching templates with the same priority, libxslt now uses the template that occurs last in the stylesheet. This can potentially break stylesheets that rely on the old, badly predictable and non-conformant behavior. The solution is to reorder affected templates.

- [CVE-2021-30560] Fix use-after-free in xsltApplyTemplates
- Fix memory leak in xsltDocumentElem (David King)
- Fix memory leak in xsltCompileIdKeyPattern (David King)
- Fix double-free with stylesheets containing entity nodes

Fixed regressions
- Fix performance regression with predicates in patterns
- Fix regression in xsltComputeSortResult

Bug fixes
- Fix conflict resolution for templates with same priority
- Fix xsl:number generating invalid UTF-8
- Support attribute value templates in xsl:sort lang attributes
- Don't pass first <xsl:sort> in <xsl:apply-templates> twice
- Fix quadratic runtime with text and <xsl:message>
- Don't allow empty EXSLT durations

- Add xsltproc --huge Argument via libxml XML_PARSE_HUGE (William N. Braswell, Jr.)

Tests, code quality, fuzzing:
- Remove .travis.yml
- Fix some misleading indentation (David King)
- Use actual types for templates in struct _xsltStylesheet
- Add CI for CMake on MSVC (Markus Rickert)
- Check for null pointer before calling freelocale
- Add CI test for Python 3
- Don't set maxDepth in XPath contexts
- Transfer XPath limits to XPtr context
- Stop using maxParserDepth XPath limit
- Make long-to-double cast explicit in date.c
- Disable LeakSanitizer
- Run clang CI tests with -Wimplicit-int-conversion
- Fix implicit-int-conversion warning in exslt/crypto.c
- Fix clang -Wimplicit-int-conversion warning (David Kilzer)
- Fix clang -Wconditional-uninitialized warning in libxslt/numbers.c (David Kilzer)
- Fix -Wshadow warnings in libexslt/dynamic.c (David Kilzer)
- Also search parent dir for source XML when fuzzing

Build system, portability:
- Add CMake build files (Markus Rickert)
- Initial support for Python 3 (Suleyman Poyraz)
- Call ANSI versions of WinAPI functions explicitly
- Remove redundant flags from pkg-config files
- Suppress automake warning in tests/XSLTMark
- Fix linking libexslt dynamic library when using MinGW (Vadim Zeitlin)
- Added platform specific path separators (Dmitriy Korovkin)
- win32: allow passing *FLAGS on command line
- Fix export of xsltExtMarker on Windows (David Kilzer)
- Fix redundant includes already in libexslt.h (David Kilzer)
- Minor fixes to configure.js
- Fix variable syntax in Python configuration
- Add new EXSLT string tests to EXTRA_DIST
- Fix xml2-config check in configure script
- win32: Add configuration for profiler (Chun-wei Fan)
- Check whether 'xml2-config --dynamic' is supported

- Add Makefile rule to regenerate xsltproc.html
- Update links
- Upload documentation to GitLab Pages
- Add documentation in devhelp format
- Add --enable-rebuild-docs configure option
- Fix libexslt header summaries
- Fix validity of tutorial XML (David King)
- Use DocBook URL for tutorial DTD (David King)
- Update libxslt.doap
- Add missing options to xsltproc man page

Thanks to all contributors. Special thanks to Markus Rickert for adding CMake support!


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