Re: [xslt] Use character entities to represent non-ASCII characters

On 19/08/2022 19:41, Paul Kinnucan via xslt wrote:
I am trying to use libxslt to transform an XML file that contains non-ASCII characters to an HTML file. Other xslt processors, such as JAXP and Xalan, replace non-ASCII characters with their character entity equivalents, e.g., £ -> £ However, libxslt simply outputs the UTF-8 rendition of the non-ASCII character.

Is there a way to get libxslt to output the equivalent character entity instead?

If the output encoding is UTF-8, there's no reason not to output non-ASCII characters as UTF-8 (unless you're talking about non-ASCII characters in URI attribute values). Setting the output encoding to "HTML" should do what you want:

   <xsl:output encoding="HTML" .../>

This is non-standard, though. You can also set the output encoding to "ASCII", but this will produce numeric character references like "&#163;".


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