[xslt] Release of libxslt 1.1.36

Version 1.1.36 of libxslt is available at:


This release mostly improves the build system. Special thanks to David Seifert!

### Removals and deprecations

- Remove SVN keyword anchors
- Remove CVS and SVN-related code
- Remove README.cvs-commits
- Remove ChangeLog
- Remove xsltwin32config.h

### Improvements

- Simplify xsltexports.h and exsltexports.h
- Don't overlink executables with gcrypt
- Fix quadratic behavior with variables and parameters
- Remove case labels with XPointer location types
- Add configure~ to .gitignore
- Stop calling deprecated libxml2 functions

### Portability

- Use portable python shebangs (David Seifert)
- Remove useless __CYGWIN__ checks
- Remove cruft from win32config.h
- crypto.c: Silence a compiler warning on Windows (Chun-wei Fan)

### Build system

- Add missing compile definition for static builds to CMake
- Avoid obsolescent `test -a` constructs (David Seifert)
- Only link libxml2 statically in purely static build
- Allow AM_MAINTAINER_MODE to be disabled
- Streamline and fix documentation installation
- Don't try to recreate COPYING symlink
- Remove special configuration for certain maintainers
- configure.ac: produce tar.xz only (GNOME policy) (David Seifert)
- Detect libm using libtool's macros (David Seifert)
- configure.ac: disable static libraries by default (David Seifert)
- python/Makefile.am: nest python docs in $(docdir) (David Seifert)
- python/Makefile.am: rely on global AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE (David Seifert)
- configure.ac: remove useless AC_SUBST (David Seifert)
- Use AM_PATH_PYTHON/PKG_CHECK_MODULES for python bindings (David Seifert)
- Change libxml2 Python config
- Don't check for standard C89 library functions
- Don't check for standard C89 headers
- Remove --with-html-dir option
- Also check for glibtoolize in autogen.sh
- Rework documentation build system
- Remove old website
- CMake: Relax check for enabling crypto support on Windows (Chun-wei Fan)
- Remove obsolete AC_HEADER_STDC autoconf macro (Vadim Zeitlin)
- Remove special configuration for old maintainers

### Test suite, CI

- Remove test involving XPointer range-to function
- Test recursion in EXSLT dynamic functions
- Add CI job for static build

### Documentation

- Move tutorial images

Thanks to all contributors!


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