Re: [xslt] [xml] Stepping down

On Thu, Jul 22, 2021 at 01:23:27PM +0200, Nick Wellnhofer via xml wrote:
I never really asked for it but in the last years I became de-facto
maintainer of both libxml2 and libxslt. Luckily, I was able to fund my
involvement through Chrome VRP bug bounties and OSS-Fuzz integration
rewards. Big thanks to Google for these outstanding programs.

Unfortunately, returns from security research are diminishing quickly and I
see no way to obtain a minimal level of funding anymore. So I'm stepping
down as contributor and maintainer.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and contributed patches!


  Hi Nick,

 that's quite infortunate, you did a really good job of taking care of
users bugs and requests those years. The libraries are not trivial
there is quite some complexity, and you managed to master that code,
not a small achievement !
 I'm really not able at that point to insure the same level of followup
for those projects myself, that's obvious for anybody monitoring those
lists lately.

   I will join the others thanking you for everything you provided,
I hope you have a good plan forward, obviously you have a lot of
technical skills while being able to act in a leading way !

    Best wishes,



Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Developers Tools
veillard redhat com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit | virtualization library

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