Re: [xslt] xsltproc and Windows 10

Am 04.03.2019 um 15:55 schrieb Don McClurg via xslt:
This happens for several of my documentation projects, but not all. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this type problem in Windows 10. I know there is a newer version of libxslt now, but no Windows binary yet (and compiling it myself is a bit over my head).

Hi Don,

I can't help with the memory error, unfortunately. But maybe you want to have a look at MSYS2 ( The MinGW32 and MinGW64 repositories provide recent versions of libxslt (including xsltproc) for Windows.

You can install the 64-bit version using the package manager from within the MSYS shell, e.g. with "pacman -S mingw64/mingw-w64-x86_64-libxslt".


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