Re: [xslt] Private libraries incorrectly passed to command line when linking dynamically

On 28/06/2019 14:48, Hugh McMaster wrote:
Hi Nick,

On Thu, 27 Jun 2019 at 19:46, Nick Wellnhofer via xslt wrote:
This breaks users who are linking with a static libxslt library. The switch
should probably be changed to `--dynamic` when linking dynamically.

Can I just confirm that:
(1) The behaviour of `--libs` should remain as is (i.e. passing
libraries for static linking)
(2) But calling `--libs --dynamic` outputs the libraries for dynamic
linking only?

Yes, I think the necessary steps are:

- Implement `xml2-config --libs --dynamic`.
- Make the libxslt build call `xml2-config --libs --dynamic` for the
  shared library. (We have to support platforms without pkg-config, so
  we can't drop support for `xml2-config`.)
- Implement `xslt-config --libs --dynamic`.
- Adjust libxslt and libexslt pkg-config files.

I'm not sure whether libxml2 should be a private dependency of libxslt (also what about libexslt?).


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