[xslt] Rework locale feature tests



I have tried to update my libxml & libxslt used in my project. One problem I see is with sorting and locales. I used to use (a modified version of) xsltICUSort.c (in xslt/examples) to do sorting. (I can send you my version, if you are interested, but it is a long time since I did the changes and I do not remember the details) If I remember right it required to turn the locale support off. This is no longer possible.


I tried the new implementation of sort, but I get different results in my project tests. E.g. sort without lang works in a different way. Sort with lang handles upper/lower case sorting in a different way. And I have a vague memory, that you have to have system support for the locales for them to actually work, which is not what I want, I want the sort to work on any system in any configuration.


I am still experimenting with it, so maybe I am wrong…


Is using an external sorting function still a supported feature? Would you consider reintroducing the possibility to turn off locale support?



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