[xslt] libxslt-1.1.29 is out !

  Three year and a half since 1.1.28, that was broken, now we should have
regular releases every 6 months, or when Nick think this need to be pushed
because he handled most of the updates to the code base since then !

  This is tagged in git, there is signed tarball and rpms at the usual place:


There is a lot of bug fixes, one of them was tagged as security with a CVE
but there is other crasher which have been fixed, so people should really
update to the new release:

- Fix for type confusion in preprocessing attributes (Daniel Veillard)

- Fix a portibility problem with previous commit (Eduard Sanou)
- Fix MingW build (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Correctly emulate snprintf on older MSVC versions (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add Python script to run some tests on Windows (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove /OPT:NOWIN98 option (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Visual Studio 14 CTP defines snprintf() (Daniel Veillard)
- Use AC_PATH_TOOL to find libgcrypt-config and xml2-config (Michał Górny)
- Use $libdir for LIBXSLT_DEFAULT_PLUGINS_PATH (larryhaja)
- Use mkdir macro also in case if mingw32. (Lars Kanis)
- Add math library to executable link flags (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix quoting of xlocale test program in configure.in (Nick Wellnhofer)

Bug Fixes:
- Fix OOB heap read in xsltExtModuleRegisterDynamic (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove CDATA markup from libxslt_tutorial.c (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove generated headers from dist tarball (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Mark XML file argument as repeatable (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Keep timezone in date:add (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix buffer overflow in exsltDateFormat (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix saxon:line-number with namespace nodes (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix dyn:map with namespace nodes (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix error handling in Saxon extension functions (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix double free in libexslt hash functions (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix libxslt format warnings (David Kilzer)
- Fix xsltNumberFormatGetMultipleLevel (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix use-after-free in xsltDocumentFunctionLoadDocument (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Always initialize EXSLT month and day to 1 (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix possible NULL pointer deref in transform.c (mahendra.n)
- Fix possible NULL pointer deref in xsltCopyTextString (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix possible NULL pointer deref in libexslt/functions.c (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix possible NULL pointer deref in xsltproc.c (mahendra.n)
- Fix possible NULL pointer deref in preproc.c (mahendra.n)
- Fix LIBXSLT_DEFAULT_PLUGINS_PATH in xsltconfig.h (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix memory leak in xsltNumberFormat (Albert Astals Cid)
- Error in doc/Makefile.am (Brice De Bruyne)
- Detect attribute sets recursions in more cases (Daniel Veillard)
- Check name vales for attribute-set elements (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix hang with namespace-alias, fixes #700689 (Shaun McCance)
- Fix str:align with UTF-8 strings (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix for compiled XPath helpers (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Check return value of exsltFuncNewFunctionData (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix return value of xsltRegisterExtModuleElement (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Call xmlNodeGetSpacePreserve with element node (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Set namespaces before evaluating xsl:number (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Make --maxvars option work (Per Hedeland)
- Set correct context node when initializing xsl:keys (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix for bug 436589 (Imran Azeezullah)
- Memory leak in xsltCompileIdKeyPattern error path (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix handling of UTF-8 strings in EXSLT crypto module (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix certain patterns with predicates (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix direct pattern matching (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix str:padding to work with UTF-8 strings (Nick Wellnhofer)
- EXSLT function str:replace() is broken as-is (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix a couple of places where (f)printf parameters were broken (Daniel Veillard)

- Add support timestamps from environment (Daniel Veillard)
- Add missing tests to dist tarball (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improve error message in xsltAddTemplate and fix test (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Allow REC tests with empty stdout (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix GPL license in HTML files as well (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix status message in EXSLT dynamic tests (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add public function macros to xsltlocale.h (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Make valgrind tests work with libtool (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add a couple of xsl:number tests (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Lower and upper bound for format token "i" (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Lower bound for format token "a" (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Handle negative xsl:number values (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Round xsl:number values to nearest integer (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Allow {URI}NCName syntax for user parameters (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix endTimer parameter type (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix error messages for unsupported methods (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Replace sprintf with snprintf (David Kilzer)
- Enforce two digit exponent under MSVC (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Rework xsltNumberFormat to fix warning (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix a couple of GPL licences found in the documentation (Daniel Veillard)
- Use hash table to lookup named templates (Christian Ceelen)
- Fix to reg tests post 737840 fix (Daniel Veillard)
- Don't fail build the man page if xsltproc is not present (Daniel Veillard)
- Re-adding xsltproc.1 (Daniel Veillard)
- Fix time type in xsltSaveProfiling (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove unused parameters (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Suppress unused variable warning. (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove unused variable in xsltGenerateIdFunction (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add test case for XPath function args in error case (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add comment about known-to-fail test (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Adjust expected test output (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Helper functions to evaluate compiled XPath expressions (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add tests for crypto:rc4 (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add first test case for EXSLT crypto module (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Separate function for predicate matching in patterns (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Initialize pseudo random number generator with current time or optional command line parameter (Nils Werner)
- Adding doc update related to 1.1.28 (Daniel Veillard)

- Remove bogus test file (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add warning message to expected test output (Nick Wellnhofer)

  Thanks everybody who helped for this release, obviously Nick who handled
most of the work but also patch and bug contributions, error reporting, etc ...

   Enjoy ! And plan for next release mid-november (2016 !),


Daniel Veillard      | Open Source and Standards, Red Hat
veillard redhat com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
http://veillard.com/ | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/

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