Re: [xslt] [xml] libxslt does not check extension function existence at creating stylesheet time

On 14/05/2015 16:03, ajay bhadauria wrote:
We are compiling stylesheet which has dependent xslt files  through import.
These dependent xslt files have extension functions.
We noticed at stylesheet creation time , libxslt does not check on the
existence of the extension functions. However, at validation time
when we apply the stylesheet , we get the error indicating that the extension
function is not found.
We register the extension functions through xsltRegisterExtModuleFunction()
providing the correct namespace and callbacks.
Could you please help us
1.  Why it does not complain extension function during stylesheet creation ?

In order to allow Forwards-Compatible Processing:

2. Why it is not finding function at validation time ?

It's hard to tell without a reproducible test case. Please show us your code and the exact error message.

Also note that I moved this discussion to the libxslt mailing list (xslt gnome org).


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