Re: [xslt] Memory issues after PHP 5.5 upgrade

On 18/04/2015 00:14, Lance Hutcheson wrote:
I have inherited an PHP application that makes extensive use of XML and XSLT.
After upgrading PHP from 5.4.xx to 5.5.23, the memory usage of transformations
using XSLTProcessor::transformToDoc have gone through the roof.

I have debugged the PHP and XSL as much as I can even though nothing in the
code itself changed - just upgraded PHP.

In an example transformation involving an XML file that is 2.9MB in size, the
PHP/Apache process prior to the transformToDoc call shows 390MB of memory
usage and immediately following the transformToDoc call, the process shows to
be consuming 2.4GB of memory.  (The PHP function memory_get_usage() returns
6461888, so PHP doesn't hit its memory_limit.)

I don't have any hard numbers from the PHP 5.4 setup, but there were no memory
spikes like this.  With larger XML documents, we are seeing a single Apache
process consume 50+GB of memory.

This looks more like a PHP issue to me. Maybe you should try to post it on a PHP list or bug tracker first.

If you think this issue is related to libxslt and not PHP, please provide a minimal, reproducible example. Also tell us which libxslt and libxml2 version your PHP 5.4 and 5.5 installations use.


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