Re: [xslt] calling EXSLT function str:replace() without transform context raises memory error in 1.1.27

On 28/09/2012 17:12, Nick Wellnhofer wrote:
The str:tokenize and str:split function do the same thing btw, although
it seems that they don't raise an error, but simply return an empty node
set when used without a transform context.

I just realized that str:tokenize and str:split aren't registered in exsltStrXpathCtxtRegister for that reason. It seems that node-set-returning functions simply won't work outside of libxslt. So I see no other solution than to remove str:replace, too. See the attached patch.


diff --git a/libexslt/strings.c b/libexslt/strings.c
index 045cc14..c0c7a18 100644
--- a/libexslt/strings.c
+++ b/libexslt/strings.c
@@ -838,11 +838,7 @@ exsltStrXpathCtxtRegister (xmlXPathContextPtr ctxt, const xmlChar *prefix)
         && !xmlXPathRegisterFuncNS(ctxt,
                                    (const xmlChar *) "concat",
                                    (const xmlChar *) EXSLT_STRINGS_NAMESPACE,
-                                   exsltStrConcatFunction)
-        && !xmlXPathRegisterFuncNS(ctxt,
-                                   (const xmlChar *) "replace",
-                                   (const xmlChar *) EXSLT_STRINGS_NAMESPACE,
-                                   exsltStrReplaceFunction)) {
+                                   exsltStrConcatFunction)) {
         return 0;
     return -1;

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