Re: [xslt] (no subject)

Phil Shafer <phil juniper net> writes:

> Denis Davidov writes:
>>Create new dict using xmlDictCreate and then fill it with
>> xmlDictLookup - correct?
> IIRC the dict is used automagikally.

I seem to remember Daniel Veillard mentioning that this only happens
with the newer xmlReadFile() functions, but not with xmlParseFile().

>>Could you show me how could I set my node as the context node? I've
>> tried to replace xmlXPathContextPtr->node with my node, but the
>> program crashed (while my ugly method works fine).

I have an example of this in XMLStarlet [1], it's essentially

    xmlNodePtr ctxt_node = ctxt->node; // save original context node

    for (i = 0; i < nodes->nodeNr; i++)
        ctxt->node = nodes->nodeTab[i]; // set new context node
        // get result of XPath expression
        res = xmlXPathConvertString(xmlXPathCompiledEval(xpath, ctxt));

    ctxt->node = ctxt_node; // restore original context node


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