Re: [xslt] (no subject)

Denis Davidov writes:
>Hello. First of all, thanks for libxml and libxslt! I=92m working on
>software that uses both of the libraries and I found GNOME XML/XSLT
>libraries very easy to use. Thanks, guys!

Amen.  Many thanks to Daniel and his merry band!


Parameters can be quoted if you want the string value.  If you don't
quote them, you get the value of the expression.  See the handling
of --stringparam in xsltproc/xsltproc.c.

The rest of your question are fairly cpp specific, and I stick with
the C APIC, so my answers may not be helpful.....


Is this just an artifact of the cpp interface?  In C, I just register
my extensions once.

>- How I can specify my own dictionary using libxslt API?

Can you just use the dictionary from the context (ctxt->dict)?


Not sure why you'd want to use that node as the root node instead
of just setting it as the context node, but, no, there's no easy
way to do this.


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