Re: [xslt] Building XSLT on Windows using mingw

Paul Moore wrote:
I am trying to build libxslt on Windows, using the mingw toolchain.
Unless I'm mistaken, it doesn't look like this approach is commonly
used, as there seem to be a number of problems with the mingw makefile
Right. Mingw makefile based build cannot be expected to be widely used.
Autotool based offer common build process. It could be used either for native or for cross builds.

I am using the latest mingw, with gcc version 4.7.2, on Windows 7.
I have built libxml, by means of the documented build process

cscript configure.js compiler=mingw zlib=yes prefix=foo
mingw32-make install

(There's one easily fixed problem here - the makefile needs a define
of HAVE_STDINT_H, which I guess is because gcc 4.7.2 is a later
version than the one the makefile was designed for, so now has the
header where it didn't before).
No it is header from mingw runtime . It is fine to define it in makefile based libxml mingw build.
This gives me libxml in ...\libxml-2.9.0\win32\foo

Now, I go to libxslt-1.1.28\win32. In order to get a clean build, I
need to apply the attached patch. (One thing this does is include
attrvt.c into the build, which suggests to me that the mingw makefile
has been missed in some previous changes - I've compared with the MSVC
makefile template, though, and can't see any other obvious problems).
You patch looks good to me.

The patch adds the aforementioned attrvt.c, changes a few -llibxml2 to
the correct form for mingw, -lxml2, and reorders the link libraries
when building xsltproc so that the symbols are all resolved correctly
(ld only does one pass over the -l options to satisfy symbol

With this patch applied, and with
...\libxml-2.9.0\win32\foo\include\libxml2 added to C_INCLUDE_PATH and
...\libxml-2.9.0\win32\foo\lib added to LIBRARY_PATH (the include= and
lib= parameters to configure.js don't seem to make any difference), I
get the following error on building:

gcc.exe [SNIP]
int.xslt.mingw/attrvt.o -lwsock32 -lxml2
Uhh may be one day winsock library will be removed from both builds - autotool & makefile based .
int.xslt.mingw/attributes.o:attributes.c:(.text+0x380): undefined
reference to `_imp__xmlStringTextNoenc'
int.xslt.mingw/attributes.o:attributes.c:(.text+0x492): undefined
reference to `_imp__xmlFree'
This is issue with variable export/import. May be makefile libxml build use incorrect header or is installed incorrect header

int.xslt.mingw/attributes.o: bad reloc address 0x20 in section
No idea.
May be a library or crt file is build with 'old' compiler . 4.7.x is not compatible with versions before .




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