[xslt] xsltproc and whitespace with <indexterm>

Hi All,

I'm using xsltproc 2.7.6 and fop {0.95|1.0} on Ubuntu 10.04 (x64). I'm
producing PDFs using docbook.xsl located at

When I add index terms between elements such as <chapter> or <section>
and <para>, the whitespace is showing up in the finished document.
That is, I will not see 'standard' spacing between a {chapter|section}
title and the first paragraph (which looks like it should be one
line). I will see double/triple spaced lines between the title and the
first paragraph. I also see similar between paragraphs.

I thought the whitespace between tags was extraneous and would be
silently discarded (for example, the whitespace caused by <indexterm>
below). Is this not the case?

Are there any work arounds to get back to standard line spacing?


  <section id="section_xxx">
    <title>Section Title</title>

      <primary>Term 1</primary>

      <primary>Term 2</primary>


      <primary>Term 3</primary>



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