Re: [xslt] speeding up xslt in gtk-doc

On 03.05.2011 18:14, Stefan Kost wrote:
> hi,
> I am still not happy with the time it takes for gtk-doc to generate the
> html. I did some profiling and tired various changes. Its not too
> impressive. Just posting them here for feedback and comment on the
> directions of what would be acceptable or not. I technically have commit
> rights, so I can push things once they are ready. If patch 0002 looks
> like a good idea, I can extend it for other accessors.

Daniel, btw. are you fine with me pushing a couple of obvious patches
that only fix compiler warnings (like unused variables and missing
casts). I would do that for libxml2 and libxslt.


> Stefan
> Test case was generating the html for gstreamer-core api docs
> real       user       sys
> ------------------------------ before
> 1m22.872s  1m17.317s  0m1.444s
> 1m19.261s  1m17.437s  0m1.384s
> 1m19.770s  1m17.417s  0m1.264s
> ------------------------------ 0001-xpath-annotate-branch-prediction.patch
> 1m18.123s  1m16.677s  0m1.256s
> 1m18.684s  1m17.181s  0m1.292s
> 1m18.887s  1m17.217s  0m1.364s
> ------------------------------
> 0002-xpath-split-traversal-into-init-and-next-functions.patch
> 1m18.537s  1m16.925s  0m1.388s
> 1m18.616s  1m16.913s  0m1.412s
> 1m18.249s  1m16.653s  0m1.328s
> ------------------------------
> 0003-xpath-avoid-a-memcpy-on-the-expense-of-temporarily-w.patch
> 1m17.481s  1m16.137s  0m1.208s
> 1m17.977s  1m16.481s  0m1.328s
> 1m17.791s  1m16.413s  0m1.232s
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